Jason Nedelman

Partner in your
Project Success

Teakology is a design and manufacturing firm that specializes in the creation of amazing interiors crafted from reclaimed Teak from antique structures and boats.

Every single project we undertake starts with an invitation from local contractors and designers that need the assistance of a specialist in teak interiors.

  • Commercial General Contractors
  • Residential General Contractors
  • Interior Finish Contractors
  • Cabinet Contractors
  • Mill work Contractors
  • Interior Designers
  • Architects

Typically, we work with you and your customer to design the teak interiors needed and then we custom build the materials to order. None of our work is from stock products, it’s all custom designed and made. When the order is ready, we deliver it to the jobsite and provide guidance as your labor installs the materials. We are not normally involved with the installation labor, but rather participate in an advisory role during installation.