The Reclaimed Teak Journey

volcanoYour home should tell a story. The story of your life, your family, your travel, and your taste.  Preferably not a story of products bought at Walmart made in an unhealthy sweatshop in China using illegal wood and toxic chemicals. I know my home and the teak items that fill it are handmade with sustainable, nontoxic materials. They tell stories with origins that go back to proud families in Indonesia and their age-old ways of woodworking.

At Teakology, we think in the same mindset. Each one of our products has a story. It starts with reclaimed wood from villages on the shores of the Java Sea and then it becomes part of your life, your home and your story. I welcome you to be an active participant in our unique adventure that takes reclaimed teak wood and turns it into beautifully handcrafted pieces of art. With each new project, our customers become our friends and they, too, are captivated by the beauty of teak and the hands of people half a world a way that shape it.

This is what our clients have to say about the custom Teakology experience:

“I had my cabinets handcrafted from teak wood that was reclaimed from the flooring of a temple built in the 1800’s that had been replaced with a modern building. I like knowing that my kitchen is possible hundreds of years old and can be re-used forever.”

“The custom made bar and entertainment room that Teakology designed and built for us is amazing. The proportions and styling of the various pieces work perfectly in the space. Every guest that comes to our home is awed by the room. I enjoy being able to tell them the amazing backstory of the people and creativity that made all of this for us. It really was an exciting process working with Teakology.”

“The teak trim and cabinetry in my home was made by Indonesian craftsman whose family tradition of artistry with the chisel has been passed down for generations. I have a video of the guy making it and as he is doing so he relates the story that the detailed pattern on the cabinets. Though his words were being translated, you could see the love in his eyes as he carved the details. These cabinets are my most prized possession.”

These are the unique experiences of Teakology clients. They appreciate the interactivity and deep knowledge of the pieces’ origins that comes with working on a custom woodworking project with the Teakology team. I invite all of my customers to learn from my travels about the stories behind the reclaimed teak wood products we create. Maybe the teak was used on a boat or even a church floor. The wood beams could have been used in the foundation to a tropical home. Each piece has a story and you will learn that story as you see the project come together from Java to your home.

One of my goals of Teakology is to give back to the Indonesian communities that have welcomed me so wholeheartedly when I visit to start new projects several times a year. I truly honor their respect for their craftmanship and how important the qualities of teak are to their artistry. Using my designs ideas and their amazing talents in shaping the wood brings our products to life and in a way bridges our very different cultures.

I’m committed to respecting the Javanese craftsman and families I employ. I’m also committed to ensuring that their proud tradition of hand crafted woodworking can continue forever. As just one of the many things Teakology undertakes to protect the environment, last year we helped plant 10,000 trees and sponsored an orphanage.

I love my work, honor my clients, and appreciate the people I work with in bringing our products to market. I stand behind my products because they are as real as the people that create them. There is a story behind every one of our custom-made products.
All of us at Teakology look forward to bringing that story to life in your home.

Achieve Design Cohesion With Teak

Jason NedelmanI have an eye for cohesive design. So whenever I meet with clients to discuss a Teakology project, I really like to show them how we can meld architecture and design with consistency. As a teak wood carpentry specialist, I’ve been involved in more than 150 remodels in the past five years, and I often get frustrated watching homeowners piecemeal their projects together, for many reasons, especially budget.

I’ve seen it all. Cabinets from one company, doors from another, molding from a big box store, trim from a wholesale hardware center, etc. When not choosing complimentary design elements, it’s impossible to maintain consistency. The results, especially when mixing grades of materials, can be obvious.

At Teakology, we focus on the architectural details and fine points of our client’s residential and commercial construction. We handcraft all-natural, durable and beautiful teak wood components that can be used throughout a variety of spaces in different applications. I like to tell people, “Imagine having one shop using one ultra-high end material not available here for less than 20 bucks a board foot, and having it all made in one shop.” It’s a concept our clients have no problem getting behind.

I’m always discussing with people just how Teakology is different. There’s an age-old artistry to the building with teak, and we consistently achieve what others can’t even imagine. The creation of unique and magnificent teak interiors is what we are all about at Teakology. Typically, we work with clients to design the teak interiors needed and then we custom build the materials to order. None of our work is from stock products. It’s all custom-designed and handcrafted.

When the order is ready, we deliver it to the jobsite and provide guidance as your labor installs the materials. We are not normally involved with the installation labor, but rather participate in an advisory role during installation. When the work is complete, the project is handed over to the owners and a keepsake video of the journey in teak is presented.

Our team has years of experience assisting clients in creating classic, timeless spaces. There is much detail that goes into the Teakology wood-working process, and we ensure that special Teakology one-of-a-kind look and feel by working one-on-one with clients. Forego that cluttered, mismatched design route and design a project that shows your personality and approach on life. I utilize a consistent teak theme in my own furniture and home design and the results speak for themselves in so many ways. I invite you on my journey of achieving cohesive design in teak woodcraft.